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Kitchen Renovations

When a kitchen is out-dated, rundown, or maybe just a little shabby around the edges, it complicates everyday tasks and can even cause health risks – not to mention bring down your mood! Revamping the entire space can be a daunting prospect, though.

Luckily, Keyora is here to make your renovation simple, stress-free and – of course – affordable! Update your kitchen hassle-free by taking advantage of renovation services like:

  • Additions & extensions
  • Painting & decorating
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Repairs

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Remodelling your floors can mean big bucks and a lot of inconvenience. With Keyora, you’ll get a fast turn-around time, but you’ll also get personalised service.

At Keyora, we know every household has a different look and a different budget. We can advise you on the best flooring material relative to cost, look and durability. We want to make sure that you’re getting what’s right for your home.

Contact us now and make your dream home a reality.